SUNDAY, 5 MAY 2019

Penny we love you, thank you.  

I’m so proud that a vote for Labor means you’ll be representing Australia to the world. 

And I’m so proud of every one of the Labor people here on stage today. 

So I think we should make them all stand up and thank them all! 

Friends, these are the faces of the future. 

A united Labor team, brimming with ideas and determination.  

And we’re here together today, because we’re determined to see a Shorten Labor government. 

We know Bill’s the right person to lead Australia because we’ve seen what his leadership has done for Labor.       

When Bill became our Leader back in 2013, it was clear what we needed.  

Unity and discipline. 

We’ve achieved that.  

Because of you, our members and supporters.  

Because of our Caucus and our candidates.  

What Bill has done for Labor, Australians want for our nation: 

An end to division and chaos. 

A plan to bring the country together, to make our economy stronger and our society fairer for everyone.   

Bringing people together is what Bill Shorten does best. 

Not through slogans and stunts but through ideas and action. 

That’s the only way for Australia to move past the climate wars and the culture wars and the red speedos and the silly hats. 

That’s how Australia will lift wages and create jobs, teach and train the young, care for the sick and the old. 

We are a great country, but the Labor mission has always been about making our nation even better: more reconciled, more independent, more prosperous and more equal.      

That doesn’t happen by accident. You need a plan. 

Bill and I didn’t know each other too well when we became Leader and Deputy back in 2013.  

But I think one of the reasons we’ve become good friends is because we share a belief in the value of good ideas and the virtue of good government.  

When we talk with each other about the long-term challenges facing the country, or the issues of the day, we never just say “what are our opponents doing wrong?” 

Firstly, because that would take-up all our time.  

And secondly, because, what matters is what are we going to do about it. 

What are the real and practical things we can change to ensure every Australian gets a fair go? 

Because Bill doesn’t want to lead an Opposition that profits politically from the problems facing people.  

He wants to lead a Government that fixes the problems. 

That’s why Bill hasn’t spent this campaign shearing sheep and bleating about tax.  

He’s been putting forward a plan – a bold and detailed plan. 

A plan shaped and informed by what Bill has done his whole life: listening to the voices of working people, understanding the challenges they face and finding a way to help.   

That’s the contrast which has really shone through in both the Leaders debates. 

Scott Morrison talks so much but he has so little to say.  

He has no ideas, no solutions, no vision. 

No courage to act on climate change. 

His only plan is to keep wages low while giving millionaires and multinationals bigger tax breaks. 

This is the guy who spent the last three years trying to give billions to big business and the banks. 

And now he wants to give $77 billion to people on the very highest incomes, but he won’t say what he’ll cut to pay for it.   

There’s only one way to end the cuts and chaos: vote Labor. 

We have a real plan for change, because more of the same isn’t good enough. 

If you want to get wages moving: vote Labor. 

For better hospitals and schools: vote Labor. 

For real action on climate change: vote Labor.  

For an economy that works for all: vote Labor. 

Whether it’s Medicare, opening up our universities to working-class kids, superannuation, the National Disability Insurance Scheme, we are always the builders. 

Scott Morrison and the Liberals go negative, because they’ve got nothing. 

After three weeks of fear and smear, Scott Morrison is a motormouth running on empty, whereas Bill shows his strength and substance every day. 


You know, every Question Time for six years, Mr Abbott and Mr Turnbull and Mr Morrison have talked about Bill’s union background. 

I don’t think they realise how happy it makes him, and how proud it makes us.  

Because when it comes to the values and ideas to guide our nation, I’ll take someone who has spent their life standing up for workers over a failed ad guy every time.  

It’s now my privilege to introduce someone who knows Bill better than anyone.  

And who, throughout this campaign, has won hearts around the country and who, here in Brisbane on Easter Sunday, actually caught a child who fell out of a tree.  

Please welcome a proud Queenslander and a dear friend, Chloe Shorten. 


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