Bill to Legislate for Marriage Equality


The Hon Tanya Plibersek MP

Deputy Leader of the Opposition 

Bill to legislate for marriage equality

25 FEBRUARY 2014


Today, Labor’s federal partyroom endorsed my proposal to bring a Bill to the Parliament to legislate for marriage equality.

As I said last year, I will seek to bring the Bill forward in early 2014.

Marriage equality’s time has well and truly come.  This issue should be above party politics.

That’s why the introduction of the Bill will be contingent on Tony Abbott allowing his MPs a conscience vote.

Liberal MPs pride themselves on being able to cross the floor on issues.  Tony Abbott needs to confirm that includes marriage equality.

Ideally, I am looking for a Liberal MP to co-sponsor the Bill.

The text of the Bill is similar to legislation introduced by Labor MP Stephen Jones, voted on in 2012.

The proposal for this Bill follows the High Court’s confirmation that ‘marriage’ in the Australian Constitution includes a marriage between persons of the same sex.  This clears the way for the federal Parliament to legislate for marriage equality.

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