End Live Sheep Exports

Labor wants to end cruelty in the live sheep export industry. 

It’s clear this is unsustainable and simply has not changed for the better - despite constant promises and many reviews. 

The Government had a chance to act in a meaningful way - it failed.

Labor will stop the northern summer sheep trade at the first opportunity and phase out all live sheep exports over time.

This is about ending the cruelty and supporting our sheep farmers to be sustainably profitable in the future, creating more local jobs. 

Sign the petition and send a message to Morrison - end the cruelty now.

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Baz Law
Emily Foster
Sandra Metcalfe
Lynn Simpson
Katrina Love
alexia bitsaki
Canan T
Penny Russell
Geraldine Meldrum
Lisa Margetts
Corbet Stain
Eugenie Knox
Gary Prunster
C Day
Sandra Mills
Sebnem Oguz
Fraser Paterson
ingrid arving
Susan Segal
Deborah Shore
Trish Boyce
Sonja Nielsen
Deen Le Coz
Jan Garen
Jann Evans
Nerlayn Jordan
Donna Lupson
Farid Haggar
Jane Kendall
Sue English
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  • Baz Law
    signed 2018-09-16 09:21:05 +1000
  • Emily Foster
    signed 2018-09-16 09:07:05 +1000
  • Sandra Metcalfe
    signed 2018-09-16 09:06:55 +1000
  • Lynn Simpson
    signed 2018-09-16 09:03:44 +1000
    After nearly two decades working in this trade seeking animal welfare improvements and transparency of disgusting animal treatment I am pleased to see the wide spread serious awareness that is currently unfolding!
  • Katrina Love
    signed 2018-09-16 09:02:34 +1000
  • alexia bitsaki
    signed 2018-09-16 04:59:54 +1000
    alexia bitsaki
  • Canan T
    signed 2018-09-15 23:10:04 +1000
  • Penny Russell
    signed 2018-09-15 22:50:57 +1000
    Penny Russell
  • Geraldine Meldrum
    signed 2018-09-15 20:56:46 +1000
  • Lisa Margetts
    signed 2018-09-15 18:57:05 +1000
  • Corbet Stain
    signed 2018-09-15 18:35:15 +1000
  • Eugenie Knox
    signed 2018-09-15 18:06:45 +1000
    Please please help bring this horrendous practice to a conclusion. The inhumanity of the live export trade is positively primitive and cruel and unnecessary.
  • Gary Prunster
    signed 2018-09-15 14:16:15 +1000
  • C Day
    signed 2018-09-15 07:06:55 +1000
  • Sandra Mills
    signed 2018-09-14 20:44:35 +1000
    Live export is cruel, standing for long periods of time with no to little water, food and room to move. In the extreme heat with no way to cool down, their bodies boil from inside out. No animal should die this way ever. Please help stop live export forever.
  • Sebnem Oguz
    signed 2018-09-14 16:58:38 +1000
    Sebnem Oguz
  • Fraser Paterson
    signed 2018-09-14 16:04:43 +1000
  • ingrid arving
    signed 2018-09-14 12:38:54 +1000
  • Susan Segal
    signed 2018-09-14 10:29:16 +1000
  • Deborah Shore
    signed 2018-09-14 09:36:44 +1000
  • Trish Boyce
    signed 2018-09-14 08:56:52 +1000
    Save the innocent animals PLEASE from torture
  • Sonja Nielsen
    signed 2018-09-14 02:24:13 +1000
  • Deen Le Coz
    signed 2018-09-13 22:16:24 +1000
    This cruelty has to be stopped.
  • Jan Garen
    signed 2018-09-13 20:15:23 +1000
  • Jann Evans
    signed 2018-09-13 18:56:26 +1000
    What MORE does this useless Federal Government want? A dead sheep on their car seat? Probably. END this barbaric, inhumane suffering immediately.
  • Nerlayn Jordan
    signed 2018-09-13 18:04:48 +1000
    I find that the current Government has no empathy for any living creatures except for humans. They are not aware that all living creatures suffer from pain, distress, hunger, illness etc… I find this absolutely astounding in the modern world. End the cruelty now Prime Minister and show some kindness to these poor creatures.
  • Donna Lupson
    signed 2018-09-13 18:02:39 +1000
    Donna Lupson
  • Farid Haggar
    signed 2018-09-13 14:52:09 +1000
    Dear sir, please consider the welfare of these poor animals. They have feelings just the same. Can’t wait for the day people consume half the amount of meat as they do now.

    Yours sincerely, farid
  • Jane Kendall
    signed 2018-09-13 14:46:40 +1000
    The reluctance of the Liberal party to ban ( or even discuss ) the issues surrounding the harm an cruelty endured by all livestock is a wretched disgrace and is enough for me to cast my ballot vote away from the Liberal party next election.
  • Sue English
    signed 2018-09-13 14:35:28 +1000