Labor's Plan for the Future

It’s likely the next election is still some time away. 

But already, Labor has announced significant policies for a stronger, fairer Australia, including:



  • Labor knows Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) will be central to the jobs of the future. We will:
    • work to have coding taught in every school in Australia
    • support 25,000 teachers to undertake professional development in STEM disciplines, including coding
    • provide 25,000 teaching scholarships, and 100,000 HECS free STEM Award Degrees
  • Labor will create a Youth Jobs Connect training program to get unemployed young people into work
  • Labor will guarantee funding for TAFE so that more kids get the opportunities and skills they need for the jobs of the future


Climate Change

  • Labor is committed to 50% renewable energy by 2030
  • Labor will introduce an Emissions Trading Scheme



  • Labor will introduce a bill for Marriage Equality in the first 100 days of  a Labor government (if it's not achieved sooner)
  • Labor will hold a national crisis summit on family violence and provide $70 million for legal support, perpetrator accountability pilots, and safe at home programs for victims
  • We support constitutional recognition of the First Australians
  • Labor will propose a referendum on making Australia a Republic, within the decade
  • Within our own party, Labor will ensure that by 2025, 50 % of Labor MPs across the nation are women



  • By cracking down on existing tax loopholes, Labor will make foreign multinationals pay their fair share of tax in Australia
  • Labor will tighten unsustainable and unfair superannuation tax loopholes for the wealthiest Australians


Business and Industry 

  • Labor will create Start-up Finance, a partial loan guarantee scheme, to give small business the capital they need to grow
  • Labor will establish a $500m Smart Investment Fund for early-stage and growth businesses to expand into new markets and opportunities
  • Labor will restore independence to Infrastructure Australia and support it to get new projects up and running
  • We have committed to a research and development investment target of 3 percent of GDP, to put Australia in the top 10 nations for research and development by 2030



Labor has announced that in Government we will:

  • double Australia’s humanitarian refugee intake
  • contribute $450 million to the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (more help for the record 60 million people displaced worldwide)
  • abolish temporary protection visas
  • appoint an independent children’s advocate
  • reinstate access to the Refugee Review Tribunal