Labor will protect LGBTIQ teachers and students

Australian Labor has a proud history of delivering reforms that protect and improve the lives of LGBTIQ Australians.

When Labor was last in Government we removed 85 laws that discriminated against same-sex couples, extended paid parental leave for same-sex partners, and protected LGBTIQ people in aged care.

But there’s still more to do.

A Shorten Labor Government will work hard to prevent harm and promote justice for LGBTIQ people by:

  • Removing laws that allow religious schools to exclude LGBTIQ students or sack a teacher or staff member;
  • Committing $39 million to step up the fight to end HIV transmissions in Australia;
  • Opposing “gay conversion therapy”; and
  • Working to enhance housing and homelessness support services for LGBTIQ Australians.

No one with a conscience supports discrimination. 

Labor will not give up on LGBTIQ students, even though the Morrison Government have turned their backs on vulnerable children in the most shameful way.

Sign and share my petition to support LGBTIQ students and teachers. 

Will you sign?

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