Labor’s National Inquiry into Post-secondary Education in Australia




The Inquiry will examine and make recommendations on:

  1. Building a high quality, efficient, effective, and modern post-secondary education system in Australia.
  2. An equitable, sustainable, and transparent funding model for Australia’s post-secondary education system.
  3. Ensuring public institutions (TAFEs and universities) are at the centre of Australia’s post-secondary education system.
  4. Ensuring post-secondary education courses and qualifications are responsive to changes occurring in the labour market and society and remain fit-for-purpose.
  5. Ensuring students are able to access the institutions and courses they need to increase their skills, capabilities and knowledge without barriers to reaching their full potential.
  6. The appropriate links that should exist between post-secondary education and work; the role of workplaces as sites of high-quality learning; and portability of qualifications.
  7. Strengthening co-operation between government, educators, unions and business to ensure the apprenticeship system is high quality, accessible, can adapt to technological change, and encourages commitment and investment from all parties benefitting from the system.
  8. Increasing participation of underrepresented and disadvantaged Australians in post-secondary education.
  9. Addressing the unique needs of post-secondary students and institutions in regional and remote Australia.
  10. Ensuring Australia continues to have a strong, competitive, diverse and sustainable international education sector.
  11. Improving careers advice with appropriate value placed on vocational education and training.
  12. The adequacy of funding available for infrastructure in post-secondary sectors.
  13. The adequacy of national regulatory systems, including the roles and resourcing of relevant agencies, the mechanisms of institutional accountability, the qualifications framework and consumer protections for students.