Malcolm Turnbull promised us faster, cheaper NBN delivered by the end of 2016. But instead he made it slower, doubled the cost and doubled the delivery time.

People have been contacting me to share their frustration with the NBN for years.

We know that Malcolm Turnbull has stuffed the NBN - it’s time to lose the secrecy. Share your experience and #NBNfails so together, we can show Malcolm Turnbull and the Liberals that their second-rate NBN just doesn’t cut it.






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  • Lorraine Sumners
    posted about this on Facebook 2017-12-18 10:51:18 +1100
    NBN fails
  • Lorraine Sumners
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  • Lorraine Sumners
    commented 2017-12-18 10:50:28 +1100
    Where to begin! Be warned! Long, boring story! In a nutshell… Guy (with a crew of 4) turn up one Monday at 4pm to tell me that they are going to install NBN NOW and will dig up our driveway to put cable in up to the street. Then decide it’s a “SPECIAL” job, can’t do it, say they’ll be back and leave.

    MONTHS later, another crew turn up and dig the trench (destroying my veggie garden I might add which could have been avoided. Thanks for that) up to the power pole on the street and insert a STRING. We are told we need a “SPECIAL” cable so they can’t finish the job and leave an orange STRING instead.

    MONTHS later, NBN call and say a technician is coming at a certain time so BE THERE. We explain on the phone about the CABLE still not being installed and so internet technician WILL NOT be able to do his job. No worries NBN said. Cable guys will come out first and replace our STRING with the correct CABLE. But does this happen, NO! Of course not.

    NBN technician turns up, I explained all the boring facts (as above) and he says: "Oh well I can’t do this job on my own and can’t do installation because the CABLE is NOT installed yet.

    He is NOT impressed, says that the cable guys should have come back and finished the job and says that he will call straight away and report the issue and says another technician will come back after the CABLE is installed. Good luck with that.

    Meanwhile, we call AGAIN and explain the further botched attempts at installation and are told that they will sort it out and make another appointment for installation for TODAY – BE THERE! Between 1 and 5pm they say… So I arrange my super busy pre Xmas week appointments etc around this time but OH NO, the technician turns up at 10am this moring instead. Lucky I was here – not that it matters now because… GUESS WHAT? Yep it’s Ground Hog Day again…

    I explain the same old very boring story about us only having STRING and not a CABLE installed yet and of course he is as pissed off as the previous technicians about wasting his time etc. “Oh they should have done it when they were here!” Well, hello.

    So the technician takes photos this time of the orange STRING attached to the power pole and says he will report this and says that some OTHER CABLE guys will come out and install the proper CABLE (Oh and do some other necessary update to the power pole which he has spotted and says is necessary first!!??) and says that yet ANOTHER technician will come out to do the installation once this has happened. Snore.

    ALL that this guy had to say to me whilst rolling his eyes was “Geez. You’re just lucky that you still have the internet working. Heaps of people have been without it for months now still waiting for their NBN installation to be completed”. Yeah thanks for that and you are 200% correct. We will NOT be allowing any technician near our current internet connection UNTIL THE ABSOLUTE CORRECT CABLING has been installed.

    I’m afraid fervent prayers will definitely be needed once the installation EVENTUALLY happens that it will actually WORK and we won’t be disappointed like so many other thousands of poor residents who NEVER WANTED the compulsory NBN connection to begin with.

    Heaven nor NBN only knows when that will be… certainly not this side of 2018 that’s for sure.

    Wish us luck! We’ll be needing it.
  • Sarah Kavanagh
    commented 2017-12-12 11:21:42 +1100
    I work from home, 200m from the Bondi Junction CBD in Woollahra. I suffer at least one extended drop-out a day, most lasting around 45 mins. My ISP is TPG. Most days I rely at some point on my phone for a 4G hot spot. Its completely infuriating. I don’t require especially fast or large amounts of data transfer, but of course, using google, maintaining a connection to our database server and sending text emails is required and an unnecessarily difficult process.
  • Linuno Dib
    posted about this on Facebook 2017-11-05 20:33:46 +1100
    click here for e aadhar
  • bernard vance
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  • bernard vance
    commented 2017-10-24 10:44:44 +1100
    friend lives in Bathurst street developed 20years ago and was copper wired and had satisfactory ADSL. In last couple of years new estates open up all around him and they are prewired for NBN ready. Along comes NBN early 2017 and installs node box at his front gate. NBN discovers in June that his old copper is not up to standard and they can’t connect him. My friend loses his ADSL and now has no telco service at all. Zip, Zero Zilch.

    Much NBN correspondence has ensued and they are now advising that may be fixed in April 2018!! Every avenue of complaint/rectification is being pursued – but meanwhile his only access to outside world is via 3g mobile bandwidth.

    When I say `outside world’ this is the reality for my friend. He is disabled and non-mobile. He runs a technology business from home. Right now, in the 21st century in a first world country, he is marooned in his house while across the street neighbours are connected to Malcolm Turnbulls Fraudband network.

    And nobody anywhere seems responsible for this utterly incomprehensible mess…
  • Adrian Blanker
    commented 2017-10-24 10:13:22 +1100
    62% of Australian consumers experienced Internet problems over the last six months, with NBN users reporting they faced slow speeds and dropouts 76% of the time.

    60% of people on the NBN had issues with their provider in the last six months – 44% of those issues were related to very slow speeds.

    42% reported disconnections/dropouts/variable performance issues with their NBN provider in the past six months, while 31% mentioned problems connecting to the NBN.

    Fraudband from M.Turnbull and he do nothing

    Adrian Computer guru.
  • Margaret Mangelsdorf
    commented 2017-10-24 06:45:53 +1100
    We live 25 km from Coolangatta airport and will never be able to access the nbn. There are 3 houses in our street that are apparently in a dead zone. So I can’t complain about the speed but I can complain about zero access.
  • Helen F
    commented 2017-10-24 03:11:05 +1100
    Those of us who are not even showing up on the official NBN site for WHEN they can expect this rubbish hybrid NBN Turnbull is still pretending he believes in are now faced with hobbling along with ADSL on what’s left of the old butchered and patched network … I was fortunate enough to have had FTTH in my previous home for all of two months before we moved. I have had a taste of what ‘could be’and would have been under Labor and am now living in an area that has at least a 1 year to wait before we get our garbage version courtesty of ‘Mr Innovation’ himself ..

    I have lived here now for 18 months with my Ping of around 30 and DL speed of around 7.5mbps hobbling along as best I can . It has never been stable, suffering dropouts and fluctuations on and off over that time necessitating calls to my ISP to fix it every couple of months but lately I noticed that EVERY night after 8pm my ping zooms up to anywhere between 600 and 1600 and my download speed drops to around 0.20 to 1.3mbps making it impossible to load a page let alone dream of streaming or watching a youtube clip and there is no way it can be shared with other members of the family via Wifi …

    After making yet more calls and spending much time jumping through all the usual hoops that ISPs demand a customer do first before they will escalate the complaint – such as isolation tests, changing equipment, resetting the modem etc etc (all time consuming and frustrating) my ISP finally ran tests of their own and have informed me that their investigation has shown that it is congestion on the line …

    This is a Telstra issue apparently , nothing my provider can do about it except to inform me that they are willing to release me from my current contract if I can find an ISP that can do better for me …..

    I spent a good part of today ringing around all the Service Providers and have been told that they probably can’t do any better because of my location , distance from the exchange etc and because it is a Telstra problem . This is unacceptable ! I am still expected to pay my monthly fee of $80 for a 1/4 of the service I signed up for and was ‘enjoying’ up until a couple of weeks ago …. No other business would stay in business if they treated their customers like this… bouncing them from one person to another , laying blame everywhere but at their own door…. If you ask your ISP who is responsible they will tell you Telstra. If you ask Telstra they will tell you your provider or NBN … If you ask Turnbull he’ll tell you Labor ,etc etc leaving you with nowhere to go …..

    How about Malcolm mans up and admits that he made a TERRIBLE error in judgement when he went down the road of this hybrid madness being rolled out with no logical system by a bunch of cowboys , stops playing the blame game and actually does something to rectify the problem and give people EQUAL ACCESS …. I am so sick of this government’s blatant bias towards certain sections of society and their inability to actually look to the future … They have a snowball in Hell’s chance of being re elected because they have totally misread how much the internet means to people in their ‘ordinary’ everyday lives …. It is not a luxury item but a must have tool in every household in Australia … We pay equal taxes we deserve equal access and speeds …. Enough already .. FIX IT !!!
  • Jody H
    posted about this on Facebook 2017-10-23 22:49:51 +1100
    NBN fails
  • Jody H
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  • Jody Hodgson
    commented 2017-10-23 22:48:30 +1100
    I am in the too hard basket for the FTTN so they have moved on until an unknown time. I have non compatible copper network that never allowed ADSL now no NBN meanwhile the newer estate that I directly neighbour enjoyed ADSL 2 when the homes were built 5 years ago and was upgraded last year to FTTH 100/50 meanwhile the original street still has Dial-up. I could connect to the NBN network on the new side but they wont let me as I am not in that footprint Shame NBN Shame on the small minded government that created this abridged version of a solution. Oh and to add insult to injury I get emails saying you are ready to be connected to Australia’s fastest network. And I have been advised that as I have been offered a service my existing connection will be removed in 7 months…
  • Daniel Ribarovski
    commented 2017-10-23 22:43:32 +1100
    My 83 year old grandmother received a notice in her mailbox from TPG that the NBN was available for her. She’s a very competent lady for her age (has an iPad and iPhone and uses Facebook, Uber, Netflix, internet browsing etc) so we thought this would be a good upgrade from her ADSL2 service. From day 1, the NBN didn’t work. The TPG tech left without a working service being installed. It would work for about half an hour, but then would drop out for 4-5 hours. This also stopped her home phone from working (inbound calls would not be received, and outbound would not get a dial tone). We spent hours and hours dealing with TPGs cheap offshore staff who had no idea what to do. They Blaine’s NBNCo, but we had no authority to speak to them. We had to take turns waiting at the house for hours for TPG techs to show up and do nothing. TPG and the TIO have been useless. As one final insult, TPG have even refused to refund the money paid to them as “the service worked sometimes”. Malcom’s “wonderful NBN” has been outsourced to third world retailers who simply do not care about australian customers.
  • Trish Stevens
    commented 2017-10-23 21:20:48 +1100
    I read today that 80% of Australia will be getting speeds of 50 mbps. In what alternate universe is this? As if 50mbps is something we should be aiming for anyway! Just did a test- download speed if 8.92 mbps. If I’m really lucky, in the middle if the day (weekdays) I might get speeds of mid 30’s – sometimes. Forget this at night or on weekends when I actually want to use the internet, not to mention drop outs and speeds so slow that I just can’t connect. NBN, this watered down failed version of NBN, is a disaster. ADSL2, as slow as that was, was faster and more reliable. Absolutely disgraceful!!!
  • Janine O'Sullivan
    commented 2017-10-23 21:17:36 +1100
    I’m paying $100 A month for 100mbpm but only getting 11mbpm. The tv buffers. The Wi-Fi for the phones and tablets constantly drop out and no one can call in on the landline. 4 weeks since it was installed and 30 calls to Optus and it’s still doesn’t work.
  • Damo P
    commented 2017-10-23 20:31:24 +1100
    My FTTB keeps dropping out and only syncs at 70/30 yet I’m paying for 100/40!!!
  • William
    commented 2017-10-23 18:26:31 +1100
    My area was going to have FTTP construction start September 2013. But after the 2013 the then communication minister Mr Turnbull said that FTTP is not needed and too expensive. So ordered a review that took forever. Long story short, 4 years later and still no sign of NBN even being constructed in my area.
  • Technorants
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  • Tim Nothdurft
    commented 2017-10-03 13:08:34 +1100
    I’m running a small campaign under better broadband in the electorate of Fenner , https://facebook.com/betterbroadband and have sent and received communication from MPs and Department of Communication. Most are ignoring the cost benifits of end to end fibre solutions especially in Canberra where a significant area is already served by FttN/C solutions (Transact) and where NBNCo have access to pit and pipe work from both Telstra and iiNet and could easy deploy end to end fibre utilising aerial cabling (that department of Communications deny is an option). Current rollout shows the level of their dumb dump and run approach to try and “complete” the project. It is unacceptable and needs to be challenged, much of this tick and flick approach is costing billions with no real long term stability. Big NBN fail in the National Capital and a great example of how tax payers money is being wasted on this critical project.
  • Wendy Garthon
    posted about this on Facebook 2017-10-03 06:03:32 +1100
    NBN fails
  • Wendy Garthon
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  • Wendy Garthon
    commented 2017-10-03 06:03:00 +1100
    Every evening at 6pm, the load becomes too much and internet sites become unreachable. If more than one person is streaming at any time, the second person will be buffering. My ADSL2 connection was better and more stable than the NBN.
  • Brian Shirley
    commented 2017-09-27 14:43:52 +1000
    Now 10 days with no phone and no internet. Technicians called twice on two separate occasions and were unable to fix the faults. NBN has now advised a resolution date has been set for the 25th of October. That will be five weeks with a total outage.

    Finally I understand what HFC stands for, “Hopeless F———g Connections”.

    Maybe I should UPGRADE by moving my business to a third world country.
  • Brian Shirley
    commented 2017-09-23 18:39:32 +1000
    Now 6 days with no phone and no internet. Total blackout.

    ISP says “NBN is looking into it and it’s status is on hold”

    Third world counties have more reliable Broadband.

    Thanks Malcolm Turnbull for a less than third world standard internet.

    So much for “The Clever Country”
  • Brian Shirley
    commented 2017-09-21 19:28:33 +1000
    I connected to the NBN using the HFC in mid June this year.

    There have been days where the internet has slowed to a crawl.

    While that was frustrating I am now faced with total disaster.

    Three weeks ago I had a total internet blackout. It took four days for the NBN to respond and fix it. My clients could not contact me by phone or send me emails.

    Three weeks later, this Monday I was again blacked out, it took the NBN three days to respond. They arrived, tested what they could and announced they couldn’t fix it it locally and that it was going to have to be reported. The technicians advised this could take up to a further 4 days.

    Here I am trying to run a business with no internet and no phone line and no information on when I might be back in business. I have already lost two large jobs because I could not submit tenders by the closing dates.

    A real pity I can’t tell the ATO “sorry I can’t pay my GST because I cant fill in your on-line forms.”

    Aaaaaagh, damn frustrating
  • Anonymous ???????????
    commented 2017-09-12 17:26:07 +1000
    my adsl is faster than this s**t
  • Ben Haines
    commented 2017-09-05 08:48:18 +1000
    I tried to sign up to the NBN in our renovated house and after a month of trying I am still stuck with no service.

    The RSP is incapable of ordering the service from NBN after multiple failed attempts through their internal system. Each time they try, I end up with another WiFi modem which is useless without the NBN HFC connection box. I now have several WiFi modems pilled up at home.

    The HFC cable has been fully installed with the renovations. All NBN has to do is turn up and plug in the box. It is ridiculous that it has taken over a month to achieve this.

    I made the mistake of not reinstalling the old copper phone line, so now I cannot get even ADSL installed to fill the gap while the RSPs and the NBN figure this out. Also even though I have cable in the premise, I cannot get a traditional cable internet connection either to avoid the issues with the NBN. All the RSPs refuse to offer the traditional cable because NBN is available.

    It took several attempts to contact the RSP and only after lodging a ticket with the TIO did someone respond from the RSP to confirm it was an issue on their end. They could still offer no assistance and just told me to try another RSP, but some of the other RSPs are also having the same issue and I would only find out by signing up with them and waiting for the connection to fail to find out.

    The whole NBN process is a farce and RSPs offering services they themselves cannot provide through incompetence.

    Hopefully you can do something about this. I live in Queens Park 2022, inside Malcolm Turnbull’s electorate.
  • Stuart Coyle
    commented 2017-08-29 08:50:58 +1000
    I work from home in Queensland for a company in Sydney. I was looking at buying a property just out of Brisbane. The house currently has ADSL2 which is adequate for my needs (though not ideal), but the only NBN service offered is the SkyMuster satellite network.

    Firstly, satellite networking has an unavoidable long latency, this means that it is improbable that video conferencing which I rely on for work will be usable on that network. Secondly, the ‘Fair Use’ limitations and data caps with the SkyMuster plans impose very small data limits compared to what I can get on ADSL2 for the same price. Thirdly, speeds are listed on the fastest SkyMuster plans as between 5 and 25Mbps, this means it very likely could be slower than ADSL2.

    I cannot see how this is in anyway an improved network for those who want to work in rural or regional areas or even just on the outskirts of a major city. I will not be buying unless I can get a guarantee that I can keep a fixed line service in place.

    This failure of a broadband solution does nothing to address the needs of those who choose to help alleviate the population pressures on our capital cities.
  • dont trust malcolm
    commented 2017-08-23 03:32:59 +1000
    We will be voting for the Labor party because Malcolm lied about delivery of NBN. If the Labor party was in power, the NBN network would be completed by now. Australians have complained online about they have yet to get NBN. Current non NBN have slow upload speeds making impossible to backup the computer files to the cloud, upload videos to YouTube, etc. So there is the need for NBN asap.