Malcolm Turnbull promised us faster, cheaper NBN delivered by the end of 2016. But instead he made it slower, doubled the cost and doubled the delivery time.

People have been contacting me to share their frustration with the NBN for years.

We know that Malcolm Turnbull has stuffed the NBN - it’s time to lose the secrecy. Share your experience and #NBNfails so together, we can show Malcolm Turnbull and the Liberals that their second-rate NBN just doesn’t cut it.






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  • Amir Youssef
    commented 2016-05-28 17:07:39 +1000
    I have been in telecom industry for long time ,if we need Australia future we need fibre to the home (FTTP)…enough with copper cables
  • Phil Boyle
    commented 2016-05-28 13:39:33 +1000
    Edmonton, Cairns. No mobile data, no adsl2+, no nbn, no 4G reception for a week, and before that, no 4G or data for 18 months. It’s a dead zone. I’m on call 24/7/365 managing a facility servicing highly vulnerable young people and thus cannot live in my own home if I’m to comply with the conditions of my employment. Telstra and their infrastructure is incapable of the job they’ve been tasked with and we suffer because of politicking. Their entire system is on the verge of total and irrevocable collapse. The government needs to step in, train and employ its own workforce to build a fibre to the premises network independently, then lease the lines to service providers. The monopoly Telstra has been gifted has seen other networks flounder and beg for scraps instead of offering real competition, and caused Australia to fall well behind the rest of the developed world in this critical area. Stop the rhetoric by all politicians and come together to lead this country out of the mess you’ve put us in with your collectively petty self-interest as career politicians rather than true representatives of the people.
  • James Ashburn
    commented 2016-05-28 13:16:53 +1000
    Went onto the nbn availability website a few months ago and was informed that my areas rollout wont start until 2032
  • Robert Kington
    commented 2016-05-28 13:09:10 +1000
    I live in Gympie QLD (Wide Bay electorate) currently held by out going Warren Truss we have had NBN FTTN for a few months apart from the cost our old ADSL2 was better and more reliable. Turnbull may as well saved the money they spent on NBN role out and left us on the old platform.
  • Cm Marriott
    commented 2016-05-28 12:57:35 +1000
    We were listed under ALP fir 2015 FTTP – cable installed in the footpath in 2013. Still no NBN – when it does come after 2018 as not in current schedule according to maps and spreadsheet it will be slower FTTN with ugly cabinets in our heritage streets. Not a good look or outlook. Current speeds 600kbps upload and 5Mbps download. Really good to run a business. Rather NBN than business tax cuts
  • Rhiannon Pegler
    commented 2016-05-28 12:14:44 +1000
    NBN in my area is a lie. My husband happened to have a chat to the guys from the “nbnco” on the corner who were installing the “nbn” to this area. We just want to be able for two of us stream different things at the same time, but “Australia doesn’t need faster internet speeds” – The greasy Christopher Pyne. The nbnco installer guys crushed those dreams (not that it’s their fault of course) by letting us know that they are in fact not installing fiber to the curb , they are not even installing fiber to the node, they are only replacing the copper lines AND the old ones are NOT recycled!(thanks to the out of touch Malcolm Turnbull). They have though installed fiber to the exchange which will make virtually no difference to us or anyone in the area. So come 6:30pm there will still be massive laggouts and drop outs, and this is now, imagine in the future when the population is more reliant on the internet? But no, “The internet is just a fad” – Tony Abbot. The nbnco installer guy was angry that he was even having do this! He couldn’t understand why he was replacing the wires when our lines get flooded with water and they can’t drain them, he was very apologetic. I hope everyone else has better experiences with their NBN. This is of course only my experience and I only use the internet for news, games, social, research and watching entertainment as I don’t have a television. These may seem like frivolous things but also think about other experiences and uses people have, like kids and their educations, how far left behind will they be if they can’t access anything? Even socially? Then there is business, It’s ridiculous trying to upload anything to Youtube, I can only imagine how frustrating it would be for some to send and receive data. All the while we are being pushed with one hand to be an “innovative society”, ridiculous. Well we certainly will have to be innovative in a few years when the internet no longer works sufficiently to keep up with the rest of the world.
  • Brian Le
    commented 2016-05-28 11:58:08 +1000
    There is no NBN
  • Jasmine Shipp
    commented 2016-05-28 11:32:42 +1000
    Kariong was mapped and planned to be one of the first areas on the Central Coast to receive NBN directly to our premises and we were promised it would still go ahead when the change happened but it never did. I know I can’t afford paying ridiculous amounts of money to connect nbn from a point in my street to my house. I’m renting anyway so it would be up to my landlord to connect it anyway. What if they decide they won’t pay??
  • Troy Stanway
    commented 2016-05-28 11:11:50 +1000
    Still no progress on the NBN in our area. No announcement, no news, no GOOD.