Malcolm Turnbull promised us faster, cheaper NBN delivered by the end of 2016. But instead he made it slower, doubled the cost and doubled the delivery time.

People have been contacting me to share their frustration with the NBN for years.

We know that Malcolm Turnbull has stuffed the NBN - it’s time to lose the secrecy. Share your experience and #NBNfails so together, we can show Malcolm Turnbull and the Liberals that their second-rate NBN just doesn’t cut it.






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  • Salvatore Testa
    commented 2020-01-31 12:24:13 +1100
    My apartment complex has 4 buildings over 2 street addresses. Three of the buildings are getting FTTC, and one is getting FTTB. I’m on the strata council and fully aware of the details of the FTTB equipment that is being installed, and which units it covers. NBN can’t seem to understand which units are located in which building, despite this information being supplied to them several times. They keep insisting that two of the buildings are on FTTB, because they share the same street address. The equipment installed says otherwise. After sending them a site plan, four times, showing how the true location of units differs to what they listed on their website, they finally seemed to grasp the idea that their information could be wrong and asked me to send them a site plan (facepalm). I’ve been trying to correct this for over two months. It’s preventing 18 of out units from connecting.
  • Ray Nann
    commented 2019-12-10 23:35:42 +1100
    Don’t worry about turncoat Turnbull ,go to the idiot who proposed the nbn

    In the first place,That bloody pouting bastard kevin I’m here to help Rudd .never vote labor they can’t run a chook raffle
  • Chris Evans
    commented 2019-12-02 22:12:43 +1100
    Our internet Fixed Wireless on 25mbps plan does not get better than a 3.0mbps download. It was origionally ok but since added connections to homes and businesses at out town in Callington SA, the internet speed has dramatically dropped, and out internet provider simply keeps asking us to do internet speed tests. The NBN doesn’t attend. We were supposed to have fibre to the premises.
  • David McKensie
    commented 2019-10-27 21:39:07 +1100
    We were forced onto NBN Wireless even though we live less than 2 km’s from an FTTP fan out point, which we were originally slated for fibre in Labor’s rollout plan.

    At first it was fine, but 6 months later we get no more than 0.5 to 1Mbps and outrageous packet loss during peak, and 6-12Mbps outside peak times. The entire network is hopelessly congested and no one is accountable. NBN points fingers at the RSP and the RSP points (rightly) at the congested NBN infrastructure. The RSP has provided data proving their CVC capacity is surplus to demand at all times.

    Service fault after service fault gets raised, an NBN tech comes out and wonders why they are there as the service is connected ok and NBN closes the ticket as no fault. Nothing gets resolved and we still don’t have ANY acceptable access to the internet.

    We live in a digital world. My kids are socially isolated and instead of me being able to work from home I am forced to commute 4-5 hours per day from the outer city.

    NO ONE CARES. NBN finds every excuse to not help. My local MP, a safe Lib seat of course doesn’t even reply and Labor is seemingly not SCREAMING about this every chance they get.

    What’s even worse I am chased up a “Technology Choice” application to install fibre knowing we are 2kms from the closest FTTP infrastructure point, that is 2km of DUCTS not as the crow flies.

    We still have the old copper line from the exchange that also happens to be next door to the FTTP fanout point so the pits and duct infrastructure exists.

    The quote? “$1.1 MILLION DOLLARS” to rollout 2km of fibre via existing ducting infrastructure. It’s a disgrace.

    What am I supposed to do? NBN has a mandated monopoly on the infrastructure so I am not even allowed to find another solution. Mobile data is too expensive for a families need, so what? Miss out?

    This is so unbelievably stressful. WHAT DO I HAVE TO DO TO GET FIXED LINE INTERNET?

    Tanya. Why is Labor not making this a clear issue?

    Why has your party not been communicating their plan to remdy this travesty?

    Will Labor please simply rollout fibre to everyone that already has Telstra copper duct infrastructure and stagger a wider rollout when that is complete?

    I will gladly pay my share of the cost to fix this nightmare but forcing me to play the entire inflated cost privately to then hand it all over as a Government asset is ridiculous.

    No one sees the stress the inability to integrate with the modern world puts on a person and a family. There are times where it all gets too much. The forced commute, the family needs going unfulfilled, modern media and entertainment out of grasp and the isolationism it forces. I’m just over it and am at a wits end, I just want to die sometimes.

    To the people that have told me that a few Mbps is fine for most videos and browsing misses the point. A typical person, let alone a family requires MULTIPLE and SIMULTANEOUS access to high speed internet. We don’t live in a bubble where we only do one thing at a time.

    Please PLEASE PLEASE do something about this. It’s just getting too much to bear.
  • Jillian Felton
    commented 2019-09-27 08:03:29 +1000
    I have been given at least 5 completion dates for work on my internet line since Sep 2017. Every time NBNCo does not honour these completion dates. A week ago I was told the end of year date would not be honoured. The new date is Jun 2020. Every time I make a complaint, I am given a new date and the complaint is closed. How can you close a complaint when the issue has not been resolved?

    I have tried to complain to my local MP, the TIO and the ACMA. However, it seems that no one has authority over NBNCo. They can not be held responsible for their dishonesty nor for failing to resolve complaints in a “timely manner”
  • Steven Jeffery
    commented 2019-09-10 17:25:29 +1000
    We haven’t had landline phone or internet at our business for over 12 months now. Telstra and NBN have missed appointments, gone to the wrong addresses,……They cancelled another appointment due tomorrow 11/9/2019.

    We have received a monthly bill for a non existent service for the past year.

    We now have to use WIFI modems and mobile phones.

    What a joke.
  • Steven Conrovius
    commented 2019-09-08 02:47:44 +1000
    Hi I conceived the NBN on a napkin so what did you expect?

    I failed I’m sorry it really is an atrocity which my party had no idea how to implement or maintain.

    I had good friends like GeOrge of the cable jungle tell you that if labor got in YOU would all have fibre !!

    Well sorry western suburbs residents that was never going to happen under Labors watch because we already ran out of money COMPLETELY.

    Now let’s get one thing straight dumb punters out there having fibre in no way gives you QOS with anything in between know this and understand it well.

    Ports will freeze die be reset and so on I get that but what gets me is the resynch time that system is just complete puss !!

    We didn’t get fibre but even if we did it would make no difference.

    If anything you have even less say when it comes to faults than on copper.

    Why ? Because it’s all specialised gear the moment it changes to light.

    You can’t just punchdown a fibre can you?

    Now the other thing being even on fibre they are throttled shy of said limit ?

    OH HeLlO why would that be Tanya ? Hmm oh wait hang on a second.

    OOop Houston we got a problem and it’s the exact thing I told Malcolm and I will tell you now.

    WE do NOT have the necessary aggregate bandwidth to sustain such highspeed connections TO the rest of the world OK.

    Look at the complete global capacity on offer look what the NBN is being charged for said carriage? Hey Oh wait let’s not talk about that hey.

    Tanya why don’t you come clean and let people know why the NBN can’t even deliver it’s said speeds?

    The ISP’s had to eat humble pie and wear what is a NBN created problem.

    A system that at no stage could make such promises because of availability and cost of said bandwidth.

    You FAIL to mention this.
  • James
    commented 2019-09-06 17:32:13 +1000
    In Thornleigh Sydney.

    NBN claimed my address is covered. But yet two waves of technicians have come and still it was not installable.

    Really bad perception at the moment.
  • paul dahms
    commented 2019-09-05 17:52:11 +1000
    3 connection date changes 2 connection type changes told would be connected 23 april 2019 following week changed to may 19 then changed to sept 2020 cant complain because i ‘m not a customer as yet TIO cant help for same reason.

    In short i’m screwed.

    NBN should be investigated for fraud
  • paul dahms
    commented 2019-09-05 17:46:50 +1000
  • Bruce Robins
    commented 2019-08-31 20:28:15 +1000
    We have NBN to the kerb and it is 10 times slower that my 4G iPhone hot spot and it costs us $89/month – I would rather use the 4g network or better still the 5G for just a bit more.
  • George Savvas
    commented 2019-08-24 08:32:05 +1000
    Worst most unreliable Internet service absolutely ever.

    NBN is fast but if it keeps crashing then what’s the point t of having it. You have to spend more time visiting the black box than being on the internet.

    I am top $100 a month and reliability is pathetic. In the 6 months that I have had it, it has gone down at least 20 times.

    Not only did I have to wait 8 years from the start to get it, I have been given HFC as my only option. When other customers were allowed full FO to the house., that should be available to everyone.

    If the management team over budgeted at the expense of the unfortunate HFC optioners, then this management team and all associated people should be held accountable.

    This is absolutely not good enough and I for one say


  • Bill Tomalin
    commented 2019-08-19 11:05:33 +1000
    Five on-site visits from the NBN technical boys, five reports telling the NBN that the copper delivery is a joke, five on-line chats with promises to get things fixed….two years in the making and not enough download to run a speed-test. Who do I shoot ?
  • Bill Tomalin
    commented 2019-08-19 11:04:52 +1000
    Five on-site visits from the NBN technical boys, five reports telling the NBN that the copper delivery is a joke, five on-line chats with promises to get things fixed….two years in the making and not enough download to run a speed-test. Who do I shoot ?
  • Laura Barnett
    commented 2019-08-15 18:36:28 +1000
    I lodged a health and safety complaint with NBN over a month ago after realizing that improperly installed/damaged equipment under a window in our master bedroom could be the cause of my health problems that I have spent thousands of dollars trying to solve. I spent a few nights away house-sitting for a friend and my symptoms vanished! That is when I began wondering if the NBN equipment had something to do with it, and since discovered that it goes directly against their own protocol to install under a window and in a bedroom. I have had to spend the night on my sofa in the living room because of the insomnia, tachycardia, and muscle spasms that I get in the bedroom. No one was sent to inspect the equipment, yet nonetheless NBN has given their assurances that their equipment was suitably installed and is functioning properly. How they could surmise this without testing or inspecting it is beyond me. Even after escalating my case, NBN’s resolution is to charge me $606 to re-install the equipment saying it will take 2-3 weeks for the work order to go through. So far, I have dealt with 10 different NBN reps over the course of the past 5 weeks, but there is no accountability, I just keep getting passed to different reps in different departments. The whole thing has been traumatizing and crazy-making, yet I will not give up until NBN relocates their equipment at NO COST to me. I have spent enough time and money.
  • Udo Blocher
    commented 2019-08-13 00:38:39 +1000
    NBN in Australia is an absolute disgrace for a first world country. I have had no joy of NBN since I was put on it about 3 month ago. Experiencing packet loss on a big scale, what a joke, give me back ADSL anytime. Warning to all NBN future customers – do not get on the NBN you will regret it.
  • Bernd Streibel
    commented 2019-08-07 09:04:58 +1000
    Pyrmont connection delayed again and again. It changed just overnight from available in Aug 2019 to “More work to be done”. This has been pushed back many years now since it was meant to be live back in 2017. This is an absolutely atrocious product from NBNCo. They DO NOT deserve to be trading anymore as they keep on failing the public, and subsequently will NEVER get a better share price unless they win the public’s favour. In the meantime, gov’t should push for alternatives such as encouraging suppliers at rolling out 5G especially in dense city areas.
  • Demetrios Kourelis
    commented 2019-08-02 20:10:39 +1000
    Optus & NBN co are repairing a line shortfall and have told me that there is a crew in our street which is only 800metres long.

    They must be wearing invisible vests because I can’t see them.
  • Demetrios Kourelis
    commented 2019-08-02 20:10:14 +1000
    Optus & NBN co are repairing a line shortfall and have told me that there is a crew in our street which is only 800metres long.

    They must be wearing invisible vests because I can’t see them.
  • Nbn SadStory
    commented 2019-07-24 00:35:51 +1000
    It really is amazing that Australia – a first-world country – has such a sad story when it comes to broadband. I’ve spoken to colleagues in Asia, Europe and North America, and their broadband speeds (and data allowance) bring a tear to my eye. If you’re lucky enough to get NBN, the speeds aren’t fantastic. What an epic fail this whole project has been. Anyway, I’m one of those people stuck on ADSL2+ while every other house around me has HFC NBN (not that this would be loads better than ADSL2+ but should be an improvement).
  • NBNCo SucksAFat1
    commented 2019-07-13 07:08:50 +1000
    Pretty much same story as James McGrath except they installed 3/4 of my suburb (wilberforce) and then stopped installing if for absolutely no reason 6 homes up from me, I think they do this everywhere on purpose to deliberately misrepresent their rollout progress by marking their map purple and hiding the fact they are simply not installing a significant portion of these areas for absolutely no reason, they are falsely claiming ‘more work is needed trying to make it seem like there is a problem with the property of some other problem when the actual truth is that no work has even been started in these zones and they moved onto another suburb to 3/4 complete them so again they can mark the map purple and move on shafting 25% of the next one. Apparently NBNco as well as the gov think hiding this fact in the figures and having the map purposely misrepresent progress is a reasonable thing to do, classifying entire suburbs as ’service ready’ when they are not even bothering to finish any of them off is a complete joke. I even have fixed wireless service available where I am only 3.5km from a tower but they refuse to even allow me to pay to have the service professionally tested for suitability.

    Honestly by the time NBNco gets their asses back here to finish their half completed job I think 4g/5g plans will be CHEAPER and FASTER like optus current 500GB per month for $85 with speeds up to 300Mbps!!!!!!!!!
  • James McGrath
    commented 2019-07-04 22:27:13 +1000
    Looking at NBN map…waiting patiently for years…In Erskineville (home) and Redfern (work), and are literally scheduled to be the last people in Australia to be connected to NBN (June 2020). Map says already to go go but my address shows as “more work required’”. This changed overnight from being ready immediately. VERY frustrating , help, my work is suffering (sole trader, creative industry), who do I contact? Have they tried to make Tanya’s constituency the last to be connected , even though they are probably the most reliant on it for small business’s? What is going on?
  • Ryan Bennell
    commented 2019-06-30 20:24:09 +1000
    From the day I got nbn fttn I have had problems with being 960 metres away from the node so my speeds are already subpar with constant dropouts and packet loss with my internet provider saying the problem is fixed then 1 week later it happens again and again a never ending cycle. The joys of the nbn ……
  • Sam Bennett
    commented 2019-06-30 19:20:42 +1000
    The block of flats I live in was completely overlooked. They have said by 2020 yet the neighbors in single dwelling houses can connect. It’s FTTC there’s no additional work they need to do
  • Robert Rigby
    commented 2019-06-30 18:50:25 +1000
    Slow speeds and drop outs

    I am 1km from the node was am told it is the best I can get
  • Lyn Gynther
    commented 2019-06-30 18:28:14 +1000
    Fixed wireless service is hopeless…Works when it wants to only. Can’t get help from telstra or NBN… They don’t want to know.
  • Ryan Scott
    commented 2019-06-26 09:09:21 +1000
    25% of the HFC connections in my street aren’t ready for service, while the rest are. I’m one of the unfortunates and am currently even using the service with Optus that apparently needs further work to connect. Service date for these 10 properties has been pushed back a further 6 months, and NBN are unforthcoming with any information on why an existing useable cabke service isn’t able to be switched to NBN. The surrounding streets aren’t much better with one only 60% connected, and two also only 75% connected. All with existing capable cable infrastructure!
  • Paul Hilton
    commented 2019-06-16 15:52:23 +1000
    I was on ADSL 2+ and am now on fttn nbn. Which is a ridiculous naming convention. Nbn is actually a not so broadband network. As now the slightest drop off rain disconnects the internet/phone line.
  • Antony Morphis
    commented 2019-06-02 19:05:27 +1000
    I was on NBN FTTN plan with Myrepublic and I was getting an average of 44mbps. As soon as the 18mth plan period finished, I was hoping to upgrade to 100mbps, however, I was told that now I am on a Co-existence period of unknown duration and the max speed I ‘ll get is 12mbps. That’s what I am getting now, I moved to Exetel because it was a bit cheaper. However, I still can not understand what happened to my original co-existence period of the first 18mths when I was on 44mbps???? didn’t Telstra/NBN remove all old services (ADSL etc?). NBN does not comment …. why? are they planning to change us to FTTC?
  • Ziggy Ziggy
    commented 2019-05-30 12:06:52 +1000
    Prior to the NBN I was on the copper cable connection which was consistently achieving speeds of 95 mbps. When I was changed over to the NBN I was put onto a Standard 50 mbps plan and average speeds were 36 mbps. Not good enough so I complained to my provider – not only about the poor speed but also the additional costs involved in buying a new phone and installing extra power points to accommodate all the extra add-ons, somewhere in the vicinity of $400! I was assigned a case manager who kindly upgraded my plan to 100 mbps and, at this point of time, achieving average speeds of 90 mbps. Only problem now is that my phone keeps dropping off to the point where I can’t make calls! To resolve this issue my provider suggested to buy a mobile phone – all at additional cost to me, which I can’t afford. I give up…