Setting the Agenda

Setting the Agenda is Labor’s national plan for action on gender equality.

It is our commitment to make gender equality a central priority for a future Labor government.

Australia has been a global leader in advancing women’s rights. I’m proud of Labor’s part in that legacy.

But in recent years, progress has stalled. Achieving gender equality is not inevitable and it’s certainly not happening fast enough.

We’ve seen momentum growing around the world and here in Australia. Women are calling for action to break through the barriers to gender equality.

Achieving equality for women and men is a test of our national character and an essential building block for national prosperity.

Over the last year, Labor has been holding conversations across Australia. We’ve heard the views of thousands of women. This strategy has been shaped by what you told us we need to do.

If Labor is elected to government, we want to be ready to govern from day one. So we’re setting out our priorities for action.

Read the strategy here: Labor's Strategy for Gender Equality

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