Sydney Says Yes

We didn’t want this vote, LGBTI Australians deserve better, but we have to win it.

If this postal survey is to go ahead we must do everything we can to make sure we are ready for the fight.

I need your help to show that the momentum for equality in Australia is unstoppable.

- Tanya

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  • Richard Lee
    commented 2015-08-14 17:49:10 +1000
    Human right.

    Abbott et co don’t get the value of love and family unites us all. How it is expressed differs based on how you come into this world.

    Get over it!
  • Fay Briggs
    commented 2015-08-14 17:46:12 +1000
    Marriage equality should be a basic right. Let’s move on like the rest of the western world.
  • John McCauley
    commented 2015-08-14 17:40:30 +1000
    …Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World has finally arrived!
  • Anthony Nicholas
    commented 2015-08-14 17:40:15 +1000
    Equality is about mutuality of respect. It is about contributing to the substantive well being of the community. It is an issue not of “should we” but “we must”.
  • Sean Beavis
    commented 2015-08-14 17:39:17 +1000
    Because I cannot support inequality! It’s that simple for me and it should be that simple for any Australian adult with half a brain living in the 21st century – even the Prime Minister!
  • Tanya Kennedy
    commented 2015-08-14 17:33:48 +1000
    It’s barbaric not to support equality. It should be a basic human right.
  • Robyn Parkinson
    posted about this on Facebook 2015-08-14 17:21:57 +1000
    Sydney Says Yes
  • Robyn Parkinson
    commented 2015-08-14 17:20:55 +1000
    Love does not discriminate!
  • Sarah Mandelson
    commented 2015-08-14 17:18:44 +1000
    There’s more to life than just vanilla!
  • Felix Gamon
    commented 2015-08-14 08:42:20 +1000
    I can’t imagine I have anything to gain from marriage equality, but I believe equality on this issue is fair and am therefore very supportive. Also, if the “72% of Australians… support marriage equality” is even remotely accurate, I would like to see the current government put aside their personal and party interests for a change and actually represent the people of Australia, even though I’m not an Australian citizen.
  • joe kenny
    commented 2015-08-11 07:48:47 +1000
    I want the gay kids of today to know that they’re equals