Sydney Says Yes

We didn’t want this vote, LGBTI Australians deserve better, but we have to win it.

If this postal survey is to go ahead we must do everything we can to make sure we are ready for the fight.

I need your help to show that the momentum for equality in Australia is unstoppable.

- Tanya

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  • Douglas Clark
    commented 2017-05-10 06:55:30 +1000
  • Julie Millard
    commented 2017-05-10 06:54:29 +1000
    Equal rights must be for all people
  • Dana Clarke
    commented 2017-05-10 06:49:19 +1000
    To deny couples equality in love is not right. To say to certain members of our society that they are not worthy is, quite frankly, appalling. What message are we giving the children of same sex couples – is it that they are lesser in the eyes of our society? This policy does not speak for the majority of Australians and it certainly does not speak for me.
  • Rachele Goodway
    commented 2017-05-10 06:40:11 +1000
  • Gavin Abrahams
    commented 2017-05-10 06:36:41 +1000
  • Joy Cooper
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    Sydney Says Yes
  • Joy Cooper
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  • Joy Cooper
    commented 2017-05-10 06:35:10 +1000
  • Nicole Dennis
    commented 2017-05-10 06:26:54 +1000
    My girlfriend and I have been together for ten years. Our friends and family and workplace accept us. But we can’t marry!!! we have lost cherished loved ones who just wanted to see us marry and now never will. I work in health and thankfully have never experienced fighting to be next of kin in those dreaed situations but we have heard the terrible stories of partners not being able to be recognised. I dont want this I just want to have the same rights as my parents siblings friends and strangers I want to have that special day with my girlfriend. How dare you stop us from this basic right as it effects no one else. No one gets hurt. The sun will still rise and set. So tell me why you get to make decisions about MY personal life.
  • Roaie Grayson
    commented 2017-05-10 06:26:13 +1000
  • Leanne Sullivan
    commented 2017-05-10 06:22:51 +1000
    Because then I could marry my partner
  • Cate Stewart
    posted about this on Facebook 2017-05-10 06:14:00 +1000
    Sydney Says Yes
  • Dominique McGovern
    commented 2017-05-10 05:55:30 +1000
    Discrimination = treating someone unfavourably or unfairly because of a personal characteristic protected by the law.

    Homosexual is protected under more recient anti discrimination laws and yet discrimination is allowed to persist in other Australian laws – it is time for those laws to be updated to reflect changes in the Australian laws and the expectation held by the Australian people – a fair go for everyone.
  • Annette Fraser-Dunn
    commented 2017-05-10 05:53:07 +1000
    I am a happily married, 53-year-old, heterosexual woman. I am passionate in supporting marriage equality because, without it, Australia is saying that LGBTIQ people are still second-class citizens, that there is something wrong with them, and that they don’t deserve basic human rights. All the arguments against same-sex marriage are rubbish. For example: 1. Marriage is about raising children. I married at 49. I have no children. If point 1 is valid, I should not have been allowed to marry. 2. Marriage is a Christian or religious institution and many religions don’t accept LGBTIQ people. I am an athiest. If point 2 is valid, I should not have been allowed to marry. 3. Allowing same-sex marriage in some way affects everybody elses’ marriages and in some ways devalues them. This is complete bull****. My marriage is not affected by any other marriage be they same-sex, very young, planning a family, in their nineties, LGBTIQ, or any other. People who use this argument must be very insecure in their own marriages and that’s their problem. 4. Allowing same-sex marriage starts us on a slippery slope that will end up with people wanting to marry their pet great dane, or their car, or an 11-year-old, or three people at the same time. Once again, this argument is bull****. Same-sex marriage would be between two consenting adults. I’ll say that again, consenting adults.

    Every single poll shows overwhelming public support for same-sex marriage and overwhelming support for not wasting taxpayers’ money on an idiotic undertaking such as a plebiscite, particularly as there is no legal or political requirement for the government to act on the results of a plebiscite anyway. It is pure insanity to have a plebiscite when there is no requirement for the government to implement its recommendations,

    It’s simply time that our government grew a political backbone, stopped pandering to religious and bigoted interest groups, and simply implemented the will of the majority of Australians. I have watched multiple times, the video of the day in the New Zealand parliament when same-sex marriage was ratified. It is one of the most beautiful and moving things I have ever seen. Listening to the whole chamber, including members of parliament and viewers from the gallery spontaneously break into singing ‘The Maori Love Song’ gives me goose bumps every time. I would love to think that I lived in a country that valued the rights of all its citizens as much as New Zealand showed that day. I despair that that day will ever come for Australia. And for that, I am deeply ashamed.
  • Roxy Rennie
    commented 2017-05-10 05:35:22 +1000
    Because life is too short. Let people get married if they want to marry. In the end, who does it hurt?
  • Martin Richardson
    commented 2017-05-10 05:18:26 +1000
    I want to be treated as if I’m an equal in society, as a gay man I want the same rights as a straight man. That means regardless of religious beliefs I’m allowed to marry.
  • Zoe Bell
    commented 2017-05-10 05:18:10 +1000
  • Stephen Leadbeater
    commented 2017-05-10 05:13:19 +1000
    No Government should tell you with whom you can and cannot share your life.
  • Kevin Irlam
    commented 2017-05-10 03:59:24 +1000
    So everyone knows they are equal
  • helen levack
    commented 2017-05-10 03:10:28 +1000
  • Craig Reynolds
    commented 2017-05-10 03:09:03 +1000
    I have been with my partner for 41 years. In this time we have been subjected to discrimination on many levels. Having worked full time on “Same Sex couple legislation reform” in SA in 2000 I realised that the majority of SA voting population believed that all forms of discrimination against same sex couples should be addressed.

    As soon as the topic is raised as a Plebiscite, the minority right wing will run a campaign of fear. Many voters will reconcile this fear by agreeing to maintain the status quo. However (and more importantly) the same sex attracted community will be subjected to a degrading and emotionally harmful campaign that far right Christians will use to ‘slam dunk’ us as perverts and pedophiles who do not belong in the “sanctity of marriage”.

    Having personally experienced these ‘processes’ for 50 years I disagree with a plebiscite as it provides another opportunity for younger members of the GLBTQI community to be blasted with “you are not ok” messages. No… we need to protect them emotionally! No plebiscite!!!
  • derek waddell
    commented 2017-05-10 02:38:37 +1000
    Everyone deserves the same right to be happy and to establish the family unit they want and believe in. On top of this the plebiscite is a ridiculous waste of money and a dangerously divisive idea.
  • Sayuri Kawamura
    posted about this on Facebook 2017-05-10 02:27:33 +1000
    Sydney Says Yes
  • Shell Brown
    commented 2017-05-10 01:43:46 +1000
    Yes – love is love, but heterosexual couples don’t even need to like each other to get married. They just have to consent. Any two people, regardless of gender can enter into a business partnership, so there is no legal reason why two people of the same gender shouldn’t be allowed to enter into a legal marriage. You can’t pick and choose who should have equal human rights and who should miss out based on the opinion of the minority. Come on Malcolm – Lift your game.
  • Peta Bayman
    posted about this on Facebook 2017-05-10 01:19:51 +1000
    Sydney Says Yes
  • Peta Bayman
    commented 2017-05-10 01:18:30 +1000
    It’s just the right thing to do, as a country let’s be the change we want to see, let’s be our best selves for a better world
  • Lyn Fairlie
    commented 2017-05-10 00:48:19 +1000
    For goodness sake – just do the right thing! If Howard could change the Act without a plebiscite, so can you! Equality for ALL!
  • Alice Hunter
    commented 2017-05-10 00:45:57 +1000
    Equality is a basic human right and should not be up for public debate
  • David Dalton
    commented 2017-05-10 00:26:11 +1000
    Equal rights are human rights – it hasn’t nothing to do with the government.
  • Linda Murdoch
    commented 2017-05-10 00:09:39 +1000
    Because it’s 2017, not 217.