TRANSCRIPT: Doorstop, Dapto, Friday, 13 May



FRIDAY, 13 MAY 2016

SUBJECTS: Labor's positive plan for schools, Fiona Phillips - Labor's candidate for Gilmore, the Liberals' unfair budget

TANYA PLIBERSEK, DEPUTY LEADER OF THE OPPOSITION: It’s fantastic to be here with my colleagues Stephen Jones and Sharon Bird today and my future colleague Fiona Phillips. It’s a real pleasure to be in the Illawarra talking about school funding. We know that needs-based funding means that every child, in every school, in every community around Australia gets the one on one attention they need. It means the kids that are falling behind with maths and reading get the attention they need to catch up and the kids who are gifted and talented get the special attention they need to make the most of their gifts. We’ve been talking about school funding all week. Bill Shorten has been in Queensland, I’ve been in Victoria, I’m here in NSW today making sure that people understand that this election is a referendum on education. Do you want to see $29 billion cut by the Liberal government or do you want t o see investment in education - more than $37 billion over the next 10 years extra into our schools? In fact in the Illawarra alone, over the next two years if Labor is elected, it means an extra $77 million for schools in the Illawarra. It’s also a real pleasure to be here to launch Fiona’s campaign this evening. We’ll be travelling together and it’s a pleasure to be here to support such a fantastic candidate. I’ve known Fiona now for many years. I know she’s a terrific local community campaigner. She’s an activist on the ground. She would make a terrific member of parliament in Canberra.

JOURNALIST: [Inaudible] marginal seat. Is that why you’re here?

PLIBERSEK: Well, of course I’m visiting seats all around Australia and I’m here in the newly named seat of Whitlam. I’ll be visiting Gilmore of course. Gilmore is a seat that Labor needs to win to be able to form government. We’re fortunate to have such a fantastic candidate in Fiona Phillips and I’m sure that with Fiona’s hard work and with Labor’s 100 positive policies we’ve got the best chance ever.

JOURNALIST: [Inaudible] swing to Labor, are you hoping that swing will continue?

PLIBERSEK: Absolutely. He started a fantastic trend. He was also a great candidate, very hard working. And we are lucky to have such fine Labor party members in the Illawarra and we’re confident that the swing last time against the national average was a very good sign that people in Gilmore understand that it’s only Labor they can trust with their schools, with their hospitals, with their pensions, with their Family Tax Benefits. And the difference between the Government and the Labor party today: you only need to look at last week’s budget to see what the difference is. The 2016 budget was the budget where if you’re earning $1 million a year you get a $17,000 a year tax cut, but if you’re a working Mum earning $65,000 a year with 2 kids in high school, you lose $4,700 a year in Family Tax Benefit and Schoolkids Bonus. This last budget also went after the kids’ dental program. And it& rsquo;s really important to say this to parents who’ve got kids between the ages of 2 and 17 who receive Family Tax Benefit - if you haven’t had your $1000 worth of dental work in the last 2 years for your kids, get to the dentist now because if Malcolm Turnbull is re-elected then that program goes.

JOURNALIST: Locally for Gilmore, is there anything that we can talk about locally [inaudible] any pledges, promises [inaudible]?

PLIBERSEK: There sure will be. There’ll be plenty of local announcements right around Australia and I’m sure that Gilmore will see its fair share. And Fiona has been a fantastically active candidate already. She’s been chewing my ear off about what the electorate of Gilmore needs.

[audio cuts out]