SUBJECTS: Labor’s commitment for new TAFE facilities in North Lakes; Nasty campaign by the LNP; Labor’s commitment to increasing funding for public schools; Timeline for the development of the North Lakes TAFE proposal.

CORINNE MULHOLLAND, LABOR CANDIDATE FOR PETRIE: Well, good morning. Ladies and gentlemen and welcome to Queensland's fastest growing community, North Lakes. I'm pleased to be here today joined by our Deputy Labor Leader and Shadow Minister for Education, Tanya Plibersek, Senator Kristina Keneally, Senator Chris Ketter, our local state Member Chris Whiting, the Member for Longman Susan Lamb, and it is fantastic to be here on a day that we're making a big schools announcement here for the north side of Brisbane, a brand new TAFE. What does this TAFE mean of north side of Brisbane, particularly in the seat of Petrie? It means jobs, jobs, jobs. Jobs for tradies during construction. Jobs for the educators who will work from this TAFE, and it'll mean that our young people can get the jobs of the future getting world-class skills training right here in North Lakes and I couldn't be more excited. I'd love to invite our next speaker to say some words.

SUSAN LAMB, MEMBER FOR LONGMAN: Well what a wonderful announcement this is. A TAFE facility right here in our community. You know, this is an announcement on top of, and in addition to, a hospital training ward at the Caboolture TAFE, a hospitality training centre out at Woodford and 100,000 fee-free places for students attending TAFE. Now the difference between Liberal and Labor when it comes to TAFE and apprentices couldn't be clearer. While the Liberals have cut apprenticeships - over a thousand just in the Longman community alone - we're going to make sure that one in every ten jobs on a Commonwealth project belongs to an apprentice. While the Liberals cut funding to TAFE, we'll ensure that two out of every three dollars goes to this wonderful facility, to TAFE, two out of every three dollars. And while this government cuts funding for our schools, under a Labor Shorten government, we will make sure that every school, in every community and every electorate gets the fair funding that they need. This is a really welcome announcement. It doesn't matter whether you are a young child that is three and four years old, you're going to get a great education under a Labor Shorten government. If you're in a school, your schools will get the fair funding that you deserve. If you're taking a pathway into TAFE or university down at the Petrie paper mill site, you will get a great education under a Shorten Labor government and today's announcement of having a facility here means it doesn't matter whether you live in Caboolture or Kallangur, Burpengary or Narangbar, you will have a world-class training facility in your community, provided by a world-class training provider in TAFE. I'd like to invite Tanya Plibersek, the Deputy Leader of the Australian Labor Party, and of course the Shadow Minister for Education, to share in this wonderful announcement.

TANYA PLIBERSEK, DEPUTY LEADER OF THE OPPOSITION: Well, thank you so much Susan and in a moment, I'll ask Chris Whiting to add a little bit to this because, of course, this fantastic new TAFE will be funded from a $20 million contribution from a Federal Labor government, if we are elected, but a $20 million contribution also from the Queensland Labor Government. This is going to be a game changer for this community. As Corrine said, of course, there are construction jobs. There are ongoing teaching jobs. There's also the vote of confidence in the future of the young people who live in this community, making sure they have the opportunity of learning a trade and the opportunity for older workers too, to retrain, to upgrade their skills, to make sure that they're able to continue to advance throughout their professional lives.

Of course, we are able to afford fantastic investments, like the $40 million  that will build this TAFE, because we are not giving tax cuts to the top end of town. Labor is able to contribute $20 million federally to these projects because we're not interested in giving $77 billion of tax cuts to the very highest income earners. We're able to put $20 million into this fantastic new TAFE because we don't want to give $80 billion of big business tax cuts, including $17 billion to the big banks. The question of economic management at this election is a really interesting one. You'll see Scott Morrison out there, ignoring the fact that he has doubled debt, by claiming to be a better economic manager when we know that there are a million Australians who are working fewer hours than they wish to. There are a million Australians who are working two jobs to make ends meet. We know that wages are flat lining. That working Australians have not had a pay increase and the cost of everything continues to go up - power prices are going up, child care fees are going up, private health insurance is going up. So ordinary families don't feel like this economy is working for them. What Scott Morrison means when talks about economic management is bigger tax cuts for very high income earners and bigger tax cuts for big multinational company. We say that by closing loopholes for the top end, we can invest in what matters in people's lives. We can invest in TAFE and training facilities like this that will give young people the hope of a job. We can invest in preschool for three and four year olds, cheaper childcare for working families, better schools - $14 billion extra, more than $650 million extra for Queensland in the next three years alone for public schools in this state, better university education and TAFE facilities, as Susan has described, right across this region. We can invest in pensioner dental. We can invest in our Cancer Care package. We can upgrade our emergency departments and do more elective surgeries. We can invest in health care because we're closing down loop holes at the top end of town. We can invest in more renewable energy to bring down the price of power and bring down pollution. We can invest in the same or bigger tax cuts for 10 million working Australians because we're not giving away billions of dollars to people and companies that are already doing very well.

We've seen a lot of nastiness already in this election campaign and we've seen a lot of lies about Labor's policies. It does trouble me, a week and a half out from the election, how much nastier this campaign will go. But I can tell you that Labor is focused on the positives. We are focused on preschool education, more affordable childcare, better schools, TAFE and University. We're focused on a better health system for every Australian, reducing out of pocket expenses and reducing waiting times for emergency department and elective surgery treatment. We are focused on the positives - real action to drive investment in renewable energy, bringing down pollution, bringing down power prices. We are focused on a better deal for our kids, for our pensioners, for working Australians, not bigger tax loopholes for the top end of town. So, if people want a team that is disciplined and united, they should vote Labor. If people want better schools and hospitals, they should vote Labor. If people want real action on climate change, they should vote Labor. And if they want an economy that works for all Australians, to give all Australians a fair go, they should vote Labor.

Now I'm going to ask Chris to say a few words about the State government investment in this fantastic new TAFE and then Kristina Keneally is going to introduce our new bus to you.

CHRIS WHITING, STATE MEMBER FOR BANCROFT: Thank you Tanya. It is with great pleasure, it's an honour to announce the co-funding of this facility, this wonderful new facility by the Palaszczuk Labor government. This will change lives in our area. It will open up endless opportunities for the people in our region. And I might also say this is a site that would have been sold off if the LNP has been in charge here in Queensland and I think that just shows the stark difference between the choices that everyone has on the election on May 18th. Thank you to Federal Labor. This really is going to make life so much better for so many people, an enrichment here for this region.

SENATOR KRISTINA KENEALLY, SENATOR FOR NEW SOUTH WALES: Thanks Chris. I'll just say a few words before we go to questions. But if you look right behind me, we've got the new Fair Go express that we're going to be taking, Senator Ketter and I, Chris and Kristina's excellent adventure, through up north through to Queensland, Northern Queensland, talking to people about our Fair Go Action Plan. But if you look behind me there, you can see "Hospitals and jobs before multinationals and banks". This is the message we'll be taking right through Queensland and right through the east coast of Australia right up to election day. It's great to be here with Tanya, with Susan, with Corrine and with Chris - with both the Chris's in fact - as part of the stable, united Shorten Labor team and a great deal of that stability goes to the fact that Bill and Tanya have provided such excellent leadership to the Labor Party for nearly, the past nearly six years. But as we take this bus, launch this new look Fair Go Express today, I can only remind people, as pre poll is open now, the election on the 18th of May if you want better schools and hospitals not more cuts and chaos, vote Labor. If you want real action on wages and want to see wages moving again without bigger tax loopholes for the top end of town, vote Labor. If you want real action on climate change, vote Labor. This is all part of Labor's Fair Go Action Plan to ease the pressure on families, to ease the pressure of cost of living, to get wages moving again, to deliver real action on climate change and to deliver people the schools and hospitals they want and need and as Tanya said, we can do this because we are investing in the Australian people. We are building the future with the Australian people. We are not stuck in the past with the trickle-down economics and the tax cuts for the top end of town that our Liberal opponents and our National opponents are supporting. We are, with our positive plan, our positive vision for Australia, building a fairer Australia. And this bus, the person I will be taking (inaudible).

PLIBERSEK: Any questions?

JOURNALIST: Ms Plibersek, what's the carbon footprint of the Bill Bus going across Queensland?

PLIBERSEK:  Well of course any vehicle has a carbon footprint. I cannot tell you off the top of my head what it is. I'll tell you the difference though. Bill Shorten has actually been on our bus, he's actually travelled around Queensland. He's used the bus to talk to people about what makes a difference in their lives and more importantly, to listen to communities across Queensland about their desire for jobs for their kids, an apprenticeship, a decent school, a hospital when they need it, aged care for their parents, mental health support. So I'd say it's a pretty good investment. The difference between Bill Shorten and Scott Morrison is Bill rides the bus and listens to people. Scott Morrison stands in front of a bus and then catches a VIP jet to the next destination. Any other questions?

JOURNALIST: How soon how soon could we see this TAFE being completed and the roll out the project?

PLIBERSEK: Well I might ask the representatives from TAFE Queensland to talk about the specific plans for the TAFE and the roll out. We are very excited about this. It's a large site. It will have a very broad range of apprenticeships and training available, focusing on skills for trades. John, why don't you step in and run people through the timelines for when you expect construction to start and so on.

JOHN TUCKER, GENERAL MANAGER, SKILLSTECH: Well obviously we'd like to see this investment come to fruition as soon as possible, but there will be a process of planning exactly what we open and offer here at this campus and that takes some time and planning because you do need to look into the future of what skills are for this area. We're very excited because this, as it would be no surprise to people, that TAFE Queensland has been a quality training provider in this state for over a hundred years and what this announcement does is allow us to have some surety into the future that we can continue that work and particularly for this very fast growing area. It's important that those skills are able to be taught for the people of this area into the future to support the businesses of this area as well.

PLIBERSEK: Great. Any other questions? No? Well thank you all for coming out today.