SUBJECTS: Labor’s investment in a youth and children’s health centre in Wynnum West; Election date still not called; Government wasting taxpayer’s money on advertising.

JO BRISKEY, LABOR CANDIDATE FOR BONNER: Hi my name is Jo Briskey and I'm Labor's candidate running here in Bonner. It's wonderful to welcome you all here to Gundu Pa, the Wynnum Manly Health Service, where today we've just taken a tour of the wonderful service here, delivering excellent healthcare for the local community here on the bayside. As a mum of two little girls, today's announcement that Labor's going to make today, will make a significant difference, I know, to many families across the bayside. When you're a mum and you've got a sick little one, having a health service so close to home means so much and today also represents an opportunity, it’s a really stark contrast between Labor and the LNP. Today we're standing on the site of the Morton Bay Nursing Care Unit that the Campbell Newman LNP Government closed down when they were last in government, kicking 85 residents out of their home and they also shut down the Wynnum Hospital. It was a Labor Government with Joan Pease, who is here with me today, who brought healthcare back to the bayside. This is what Labor does. We deliver healthcare. We understand the importance of healthcare and what it means to communities, whereas the LNP just cut healthcare, I mean they cut $160 million out of Queensland hospitals and today we are about to announce an investment in our local health services here. It's so wonderful to have Tanya and also Senators Murray and Kristina are here with me today to make this important announcement and the difference it will make in the lives of families right across the bayside. So I'll hand over to Tanya to make the announcement.
TANYA PLIBERSEK, DEPUTY LEADER OF THE OPPOSITION: Thanks Jo. It's such a pleasure to be here with you today. It is, as you say, an absolutely marvellous facility, it's wonderful to see the quality of care that bayside residents are able to get here, including 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. That makes such a difference. You know, if you need to see a doctor in the middle of the night and you don't want to be sitting in hospital emergency or driving for ages and then sitting in hospital emergency for ages, having a facility like this in your local community really gives you a great deal of confidence. So today I'm delighted to announce that if Labor is elected, Labor would invest $29.2 million in building a new standalone youth and child service, just up the hill here, to make sure that young people in this bayside area get all of the health services they need close to home. That would be all of the standard health services that you'd expect, including mental health services, psychologists and others, because we know that there is a great deal of need in every fast growing community for these child and youth health services. Included in this $29.2 million investment is an ultrasound machine, which would give obviously a lot of patients access to ultrasounds closer to home without having to travel to get that care but be particularly beneficial for pregnant mothers. I'm going to ask Senator Keneally to say a few words about the importance of these types of investments.
SENATOR KRISTINA KENEALLY: Thank you Tanya, thank you to Jo and it's wonderful to be here at Gundu Pa centre. The announcement that Labor is making today includes, the $29 million, includes $3 million going towards improving maternal health and sonography and that makes such a significant difference to mothers who are expecting. One of the things I've been privileged to work on in the Senate is an inquiry leading to a national action plan to drive down the rate of still birth in Australia. There are six stillborn babies every day in Australia and what we know is that good pre-natal care makes such a difference to affecting the rate of stillbirth and the facilities that will be provided here for the local community means that local families, local mums, will have a much better prospect of having a live and healthy birth, and a very happy family. And if we can, as a country, put our collective will together we can drive down the rate of stillbirth in Australia. And it’s going to be big picture things, and it’s going to be investments in local communities like the one we're announcing today.
PLIBERSEK: Thanks Kristina. And I guess one of the things that is one of the starkest contrasts you can see, is between Labor's choice to invest $29.2 million in new health facilities for babies, mothers, children, and youth in a service like this. And compare that with what the Liberals are spending taxpayers' money on right now - a million dollars a day spent on advertising to cover up for six years of chaos and division. 
And looking around this local community, the difference between Labor being elected at the next election, and the re-election of a Liberal government, is $19 million over the first three years alone in extra school funding. That's only 19 days of this government's million dollar a day dodgy ad campaign. This new facility, almost $30 million dollars - $29.2 million - 29 days of this dodgy, million dollar a day ad campaign, could build a beautiful new health facility for children and young people - a stand-alone health facility right here in this location. 
The cuts from local hospitals - $28 million - it's pushing out waiting times in emergency, it's pushing out waiting times for elective surgery. That's just 28 days of Scott Morrison's dodgy ad campaign. Honestly, people are sick to the back teeth of all of the ads, knowing that their tax dollars, instead of being spent actually on improving our schools, or actually improving our hospitals, are instead being spent on the dodgy ad guys' dodgy ad campaign to convince you to ignore six years of cuts and division. 
Truly, I think Australians are tired of this government thinking that they can use an ad campaign to cover up for the cuts and divisions. Australians will make their own minds up, and Scott Morrison is so gutless that he's refusing to call the election campaign. Truly, he should call the election campaign, let Australians make their own minds up, and stop wasting our tax dollars trying to sell a story - in the last six weeks of this government - sell a story that covers up for six years of chaos and division. 
Any questions? No? Excellent, well that was easy.
JOURNALIST: Unless there were any other matters for the day you'd like to speak about?
PLIBERSEK: No. I think you could not have a sharper contrast. You've got Jo Briskey here as the local candidate, who wants to invest in schools, hospitals, health facilities, a better quality of life. You've got a Labor team that's focused on the fair go - that has a fair go action plan and has a bigger, fairer tax cut for 10 million Australians, who'll get either the same, or a larger tax cut under a Labor government. And all you've got in response, all you've got in response, is a government who's cutting health and education, cutting the National Disability Insurance Scheme, in order to fund a million dollar a day ad campaign, and a flimsy, pretend surplus. Couldn't be any starker comparison than that. 
Thank you all for coming out this morning. 


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